Thousands of demonstrators marched outside major EU institutions in Brussels to protest the UN agreement setting up a common framework on the management of international migration flows.

Sunday’s protests in Brussels turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police.

Some protesters say migrants from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia benefit from the social services that Europeans work hard to support.

We need to work until we are 67 years old. It’s not normal. And they throw the money for the immigrants who will not serve our country. Then they don’t respect our country. So why we do need to pay them?

Others don’t like what they see as the changing face of their country.

The Europe is dead because of politics, because of the European Union and this Commission building that sign this comeback contract for the immigration that means that the European people will be dead in our home, so now we want our home back.

The United States and several other countries have formally notified the UN of their decision to pull out of the process.

More and more countries in Europe have clamped down on migration in recent years, but some people see it as Racism.

Protesters from all over Italy gathered in Rome Saturday to condemn discrimination against migrants.

These last legislative choices in Italy generate more discrimination, distress and difficulties.

We believe that we can share our existence with all those who share this project of a better life, better life for this world whatever their color or origin.

Pope Francis on Sunday expressed support for the UN Agreement. Last week, in Marrakech Morocco, the Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration was approved which aims to be a reference framework for the whole international community.

I hope that this community, thanks to this instrument, will be able to act with responsibility, solidarity and compassion toward those who for various reasons leave their own country. And I entrust this intention to your prayers.

Protests on migration coincide with demonstrations on socio-economic issues in France, Austria, Hungary, Canada and elsewhere.

Gladys Hope VOA News Washington.




我们要工作到67岁才能退休,这不正常。 他们豪掷资金给不愿意为我们国家服务的移民,他们不尊重我们的国家。那我们为何要向他们付钱呢?












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