VOA常速附字幕[翻译]:运动障碍没关系 头部摆动可操控手机


Online shopping, checking tomorrow’s weather, sending text messages, just some of the things people do on their phones. But what if you have motor disabilities or can’t hold or touch a phone? Today, it’s almost impossible for them to directly interact with their cell phones.

eBay research scientist General Xie needed to find a solution while working with an intern who wanted to shop online, but couldn’t hold the phone and had trouble using voice controlled software.

They thought about using eye movement, but it turns out eyes don’t move smoothly.

So they came up with another idea. Can we use that pat movement to control a virtual stylus on a cell phone? And like a lightbulb, eBay’s HeadGaze was born, using a smartphone’s camera to track head gestures.

It’s similar like you use the mouse to control the cursor on the screens. We take that 3D head positional orientation information and apply some math, mathematics calculation, and project that information under the 2D screen so that the phone would know on which part of the screen you are looking at.

Besides allowing his coworker to shop by phone, Xie says HeadGaze has potential for broader applications.

eBay says it’s making the software code freely available to developers, so they can come up with their own ideas for hands-free surfing.

This kind of technology has potential huge impact, and we think we’re sure to give it back to the communities so that a lot of other people can quickly adapt that technologies and benefit for that.

Whether scrolling through recipes or shopping online, HeadGaze could change the way we navigate our phones.

Michele Quinn VOA news San Francisco.











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