There is such a double standard. Like a woman having armpit hair and a man having armpit hair is exactly the same thing. Body hair and whether or not you should shave or wax, there's more pressures on men now these days to do that. As a man having a hairless body is about beauty but not masculinity. In the case of women, having a hairless body means being beautiful and feminine. So you can't be feminine and have body hair. Hey I'm Frankie. We're going to be looking into whether attitudes towards body hair can be sexist. I don't like hair to be honest, I'd rather not. Everything for girls needs to be shaved off. Clean yourself, look nice for your man. I don't think it necessarily pushes any androgynous agenda.

I'm a bit sexist when it comes to body hair. Have you ever thought why you actually have those views in the first place? I'll explain in a bit what Kim Kardashian, a razor advert and Darwin have to do with it. But first are some examples when people have reacted really badly to photos of women with body hair. This model got rape threats. A rape can be seen as a way to express control. So here we could ask ourselves: is body hair something that is out of control and needs to be controlled? Arvida did get some positive comments too. I haven't shaved my body hair in almost three years. I realised that I wasn't shaving because I actually wanted to. I was only doing it because society made me feel pressure to just because I'm a woman. The Billie razor got loads of people talking. Ashley helped pulled the video together. Because that Billie commercial was the first to my knowledge to ever show women with body hair, the response was overwhelmingly positive, which was incredible. Of course like we got some negative response to it.


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