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The veteran Democratic Party legislator Nancy Pelosi has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives for historical second time as her party takes charge of the chamber. The Democrats have vowed to pass bills designed to end the partial government shutdown caused by a roar of funding for Mr. Trump’s border wall.

Russian news agency say a former US marine arrested in Moscow last week has been charged with spying. Paul Whelan was detained 6 days ago by Russia Security Service, the FSB.

Pope Francis has said the credibility of the US Catholic churches has been severely damaged by the sexual abuse scandal and efforts to cover it up. In a letter to a meeting of US bishops, the Pope called for unity.

US stock has fallen hit by bad news from the technology giant Apple and weak manufacturing figures. At one point, the Dow Jones index was 2.4% down. Apple’s shares fell more than 9% at the start of the trading after the Company cut its revenue forecasts sharply for the final quarter of 2018.

The United States has warned Iran not to go ahead with the series of plans of space rocket launches, saying it would violate UN resolutions intended to curb Tehran’s missile development program. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the launches would be provocative.

The American pharmaceuticals giant Bristol Myers Squibb has announced plans to acquire the cancer drug therapeutics group Celgene in the 74-billion-dollar deal. If the merge goes ahead, it will one of the largest in the sector’s history, creating a biotech giant producing drugs for cancer, immune disorders and cardiovascular disease.

And archaeologists in Mexico have discovered the earliest known temple in a sacrifice altar dedicated to the pre-Aztec god Xipe Totec, or flayed lord. Priests worshipped him by wearing the skin of human sacrifices. The site is believed about a thousand years old.

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