University English 4: Socialising 校园社交2011-10-15
For many of us, going to university is a big step in our life. There are plenty of exciting times ahead. But it can also be scary, going somewhere completely different from your home country, learning to speak a different language and not knowing anyone.
University English 2: Academic Writing 论文写作2011-10-10
Writing, especially academic writing, is one of the most challenging skills to master for many international students.
University English 3: Presentations 学术演讲2011-10-10
One of the things which scares students most at university is giving presentations. Many of us are terrified by the prospect of having to stand up and speak in public. We are worried about making a complete mess of the situation and embarrassing ourselves.
University English: 听课和记笔记2011-10-09
在《新生校园英语》系列节目中,我们将和在英国学习的中国同学们和他们的老师,探讨在全英语学习的环境中碰到的一些语言困难。今天,来自陕西的Jerome 提到的他的学习弱点是听课和记笔记,那么我们能从Damien老师那里听到些什么好建议呢?
Queen Hester 英国沙漠女王2011-10-09
The Final Folly 没用的建筑2011-10-07
The Iconoclast 朋克之母2011-10-07
The Sad Joker 悲伤的小丑2011-10-05
When Neil Innes first met Vivian Stanshall he was wearing false ears and pince-nez glasses
The Living Artwork 真人雕艺术2011-10-05
Gilbert Passmore (right) and George Proesch (left) are always referred to simply as Gilbert and George.
Delicious Dishes: Sunday Roast 周日烤肉大餐2011-10-01
在英国每到星期天,很多传统餐厅和酒馆的菜单上都会出现the Sunday roast 周日烤肉大餐。 大家可以选择自己喜欢的烤肉,配上金黄色的烤土豆和时令鲜蔬,再浇上浓肉汁,就成了美味可口的一道菜。在本期节目中,厨师Rupert Smith将为我们介绍一些做烤肉大餐的小秘方,请注意收听。
English Eccentrics: Lady in Pink 粉衣女郎2011-10-01
Delicious Dishes: The Sandwich 三明治2011-09-30
Fit for a king! The world's most expensive sandwich was on sale for
Delicious Dishes: Bread and Butter Pudding 面包黄油布丁2011-09-30
Delicious Dishes: Fish and Chips 炸鱼和薯条2011-09-28
在《经典菜肴》系列节目中,我们将向各位介绍几个英国家常菜。您将听到有关它们的历史渊源和烹饪秘方。在本期节目中,让我们一起来“品尝”一下英国国菜 Fish and Chips 炸鱼和薯条。
Superstars: Justin Bieber 超级巨星:贾斯汀比伯2011-09-27
我们通过《超级巨星》四集音频精选系列节目向各位介绍世界流行乐坛的四位超级巨星。您将听到关于他们的介绍,还有他们在接受 BBC 采访时的录音。今天让我们一起认识 Justin Bieber 贾斯汀比伯。
Superstars: Rihanna 超级巨星:蕾安娜2011-09-27
我们通过《超级巨星》四集音频精选系列节目向各位介绍世界流行乐坛的四位超级巨星。您将听到关于他们的介绍,还有他们在接受 BBC 采访时的录音。今天让我们一起认识 Rihanna蕾安娜。
Young Britons - Clementine 年轻环保人士2011-09-24
This is the final part of our series in which we take a close look at the lives of four young Britons.
Young Britons - Sabirul 年轻企业家Sabirul2011-09-24
What are the aspirations 志向、抱负 and beliefs of young Brits? In this series we meet four young British people and find out what matters to them.
Young Britons: Alex 年轻歌唱家2011-09-23
This is the series where we meet young British people, with their own dreams and experiences of growing up in the UK.
Young Britons: Adam 年轻的大厨2011-09-23
In this series we meet four young British people all with their own dreams and with different experiences of growing up in the UK.
Two Weddings 两个婚礼2011-09-22
Planning for the Future 憧憬未来2011-09-22
Chapter Five: Commitment 承诺2011-09-21
Are you ready for the next chapter in our romantic story about two very different couples? This week we are talking about taking the next big step... commitment!
The Daughter's Hand 求亲2011-09-21
On the left are Kate's parents Michael and Carole Middleton. On the right, David is proposing to Jennifer.
Chapter Six: Popping the Question 求婚2011-09-20
On the left, Catherine Middleton's ring, which was originally owned by Princess Diana. On the right, Jennifer's real and 'stunt' rings.
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