BBC随身英语 第209期:广告产业的未来2017-07-04
Imagine a future where our streets are filled with ads 200m tall; where billboards change before our eyes to give us personalised messages;
BBC随身英语 第208期:色彩的魅力2017-07-03
Take five colours: red, black, blue, green and purple. How do they make you feel? It’s a question of supreme significance to desingers and marketers.
BBC随身英语 第207期:腰缠万贯2017-07-03
Do you consider yourself to be rich? Do you have plenty of cash and no financial worries? Or maybe, like me, is it something you can only dream about?
BBC随身英语 第206期:爱在微博时代2017-07-01
Picture the scene. It is dark except for the dim yellow candlelight; it is silent except for the scratching of a pen.
BBC随身英语 第205期:英国人快乐吗2017-07-01
Thats a question British Prime Minister David Cameron is asking the nation in a survey this year, as part of a drive to improve Britons lives beyond pure financial gain.
BBC随身英语 第204期:麦当劳学位2017-06-24
Against a background of controversial plans to triple university tuition fees, students feeling the pinch might be tempted by a new degree course where you can study while working full time.
BBC随身英语 第203期:鲨鱼入侵2017-06-23
What do you expect when you go on holiday? Probably to relax, have a good time and above all, stay safe.
BBC随身英语 第202期:你的生活不插电2017-06-23
Are you a media addict who would go mad after two hours without TV, friend requests, exciting online games and your mobile— or would you easily survive?
BBC随身英语 第201期:水果 蔬菜和疾病2017-06-22
One of the most commonly-held beliefs regarding health and nutrition in the UK has been found to be untrue, according to a new scientific study.
BBC随身英语 第200期:苹果的崛起2017-06-21
The sleek, minimal design on their gadgets has proved a huge hit with young professionals everywhere in Britain.
BBC随身英语 第199期:英国驾驶考试2017-06-21
For 75 years, three words have dominated the lives of many young Brits. They are: mirror, signal, manoeuvre.
BBC随身英语 第198期:野营度假势头见涨2017-06-20
In what activity is a torch essential, a roll-matt optional and some wellington boots advisable? The answer is of course camping.
BBC随身英语 第197期:伦敦开始自行车出租计划2017-06-20
London has become a cycle friendly zone after the launch of a new bike hire scheme. It has been designed to encourage more people to cycle in and around central London.
BBC随身英语 第196期:英国蝴蝶踪迹难觅2017-06-19
The British summer is extremely beautiful. Trees, flowers, birds and butterflies make the whole country like a big garden.
BBC随身英语 第195期:明星怠慢《暮光之城》首映式2017-06-19
Fans were left disappointed at last weeks UK premiere of Twilight Eclipse as none of the main stars showed up.
BBC随身英语 第194期:凯瑟琳是颁奖夜晚的灰姑娘2017-05-23
Catherine Zeta-Jones said she felt like cinderella after winning one of the nights biggest gongs at the Tony Awards on Sunday.
BBC随身英语 第193期:对6名宇航员的极限考验2017-05-20
Have you ever been on a long-haul flight? How did you pass the time? Perhaps you watched an in-flight movie or read a book.
BBC随身英语 第192期:伦敦推出最新版巴士设计2017-05-18
What is red but green, open but closed and old but new? Answer: Londons stunning new double-decker buses.
BBC随身英语 第191期:穆雷梦再次破灭2017-05-18
Britain had its fingers crossed this weekend as tennis star Andy Murray prepared to battle it out against Roger Federer to become the UKs first Wimbledon Mens Singles champion since 1936.
BBC随身英语 第190期:骑自行车能降低癌症病发风险2017-05-15
Most of us know that the risk of getting ill is reduced when we look after ourselves.
BBC随身英语 第189:英雄猎犬2017-05-12
Are you a dog person? Maybe you have one at home and enjoy taking it for walks and curling up with it on the sofa.
BBC随身英语 第188:巨龟孤独乔治死了2017-05-08
Many people often live to a ripe old age, but Lonesome George, a giant tortoise, was estimated to have been over 100 years old.
BBC随身英语 第187:英国人酷爱炸鱼薯条2017-05-05
The Brits love their fish-and-chips but now, breaking with tradition, the cod sold in chippies is often imported from Iceland, Denmark or Norway rather than caught by British fishermen.
BBC随身英语 第186:无聊和乏味结为双子村2017-05-02
An American town called Boring has voted in favour of pairing with a village by the name of Dull in Scotland.
BBC随身英语 第185:饰演英女王2017-05-01
As HM Queen Elizabeth IIs Diamond Jubilee fast approaches, one group of people are really making the most of the opportunity.
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