CRI News Reports:China-Europe to join hands in crisis2009-04-30
Chinese Ambassador to the European Union, Song Zhe, says, together the two sides can have a profound influence, over the world economy and politics.
CRI News Reports:China Keeps High Alert on the Swine Flu2009-04-29
China's Customs officers have started screening arriving passengers for flu symptoms since the outbreak of swine flu reported in Mexico and the US.
CRI News Reports:Egyptian Archaeologists Discover ...2009-04-28
"The importance of this discovery (is) that it will show the funeral, the development of the funeral architecture within this period of time. At the same time it will give us a clear idea of the burial customs of ancient Egyptians during this time.
CRI News Reports:Chinese Mainland and Taiwan Negotiators ...2009-04-27
Meanwhile, Taiwan's chief negotiator on cross-straits relations Chiang Pin-Kung says the six agreements had benefited people on both sides and broadened the foundation for companies across the straits to enhance their competitiveness.
CRI News Reports:Thai Government Lifts State of Emergency2009-04-26
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, lifted the emergency, following a special parliamentary session, aimed at finding a solution, to the country's political crisis.
CRI News Reports:Read for Self-uplift, not Just Study2009-04-25
A latest survey shows that half of Chinese people have read books in the past year, an increase of only 0.5 percent from 2007.
CRI News Reports:Guangzhou Daily: Public Hearing A Trap2009-04-23
A group of citizens in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Friday publicly protested an increase in the ticket price of public transportation.
CRI News Reports:Nanfang Daily: Prevention More Important2009-04-23
China recently issued a blueprint on health care reform for the next decade, starting a long-awaited reform to ensure fair and affordable health services for all citizens.
CRI News Reports:China Unveils Roadmap for launch of GEM Board2009-04-23
The China Securities Regulatory Commission, the nation's securities watchdog, has unveiled a roadmap plan for the launch of the Growth Enterprise Market, or GEM.
CRI News Reports:Boao Forum Urges Cooperation in Crisis2009-04-23
Anchor: The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2009 opens on Saturday with political and business leaders seeking the "Asian value" in tackling the global economic turmoil.
CRI News Reports:Thai Protestors Leave Govt House2009-04-23
Anti-government protesters, have left Thai Government House, under pressure from government troops.
CRI News Reports:China Denies Alleged Steel Pipe Dumping2009-04-23
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has voiced its concerns over possible US investigation against alleged Chinese steel pipe dumping, urging the US side to deal with the issue prudently.
CRI News Reports:Protesters Continue Churn Chaos in Bangkok2009-04-23
Swarms of Thai anti-government protesters have attacked the prime minister's car, seized control of major intersections in the capital Bangkok and commandeered buses, bringing new chaos to the Thai capital.
CRI News Reports:China Warns Tourists to Rethink Thai Visits2009-04-23
China's National Tourism Administration has warned Chinese citizens who plan to visit Thailand to think twice before buying tickets.
CRI News Reports:Japan Renews Sanctions on North Korea2009-04-23
Japan has toughened sanctions on North Korea, in response to Pyongyang's controversial rocket launch.
CRI News Reports:U.S. Doctors Perform Face Transplant2009-04-23
A Boston hospital in the United States has performed the world's seventh face transplant.
CRI News Reports:Rescue and Relief Work in Order in Cent.Ita.2009-04-23
Anchor: To Italy, As aftershocks continue jolting L'Aquila, the Italian government is mulling a timely reconstruction of the historic city.
CRI News Reports:China Takes Measures to Curb Drug Prices2009-04-23
A senior Chinese official says the country's plan to provide essential medicines will work to reduce drug prices and improve access to essential health care for all Chinese.
CRI News Reports:China Opens New Visa Office in Ramallah2009-04-23
The Office of China in Palestinian territories has held an opening ceremony for a new visa office in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
CRI News Reports:China Aims Completing Health-Care Reforms by 20202009-04-23
Experts say that the new move is conducive to tackling a critical issue that has become a major source of public dissatisfaction. In addition, it will help further boost the domestic consumption. CRI Reporter Chen Xi has the details.
CRI News Reports:WHO Calls for Earthquake Proof Hospitals2009-04-23
The World Health Organization is calling on nations to make their hospitals disaster proof.
CRI News Reports:China to Boost Domestic Auto Market2009-04-23
China's Ministry of Commerce, together with seven other ministries, has jointly issued suggestions for stimulating the domestic auto market.
CRI News Reports:Should the alternate driving day system go on?2009-04-23
The alternate driving day system, helped ease Beijing traffic problems.
CRI News Reports:Keep Quake Museum Simple2009-04-23
The China Youth Daily recently reported, that 2.3 billion yuan, or about 340 million U.S. dollars, will be spent, to build an earthquake museum, marking May's devastating Wenchuan earthquake.
CRI News Reports:ADB report:Chinese economy to grow by 7%2009-04-23
The Asian Development Bank has released an annual report, predicting China's economy will expand by 7 percent this year.