CRI News Report:Expert: EU Imposing High Anti-Dumping ....2009-07-31
Anchor: The European Union has said it will levy a 24% anti-dumping duty on China's steel and wire rod industries for a period of five years.
CRI News Report:China-US Pledge Further Cooperation at ...2009-07-30
Anchor: The first round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue concluded on Tuesday in Washington with the two sides pledging to enhance bilateral cooperation on regional and international issues. Our reporter Wang Ling brings more.
CRI News Report:Experts: The SED A Breakthrough though...2009-07-29
The dialogue has been praised by officials from both countries as a breakthrough and a new framework for bilateral relations. But experts warn not to expect too much progress on sensitive issues as differences remain in a number of aspects.
CRI News Report:The 24th FISM World Championships of ...2009-07-28
The International Federation of Magic Societies, or FISM, is an international body that brings together the world's leading magicians. The 24th FISM World Championships of Magic, considered the Olympics of the magic world, kicks off today in Beijing. It's the first time China has held such a grand 每 and magical 每 event. He Fei has more.
CRI News Report:Expert: Challenges and Opportunities Both ...2009-07-27
A new policy to loosen curbs on direct investment overseas for Chinese companies will take effect starting next month. Chinese entrepreneurs are gearing up for the overseas plan. But the Rio Tinto case is a reminder of how bumpy the journey can be.
CRI News Report:UNICEF Manchester United Promote...2009-07-26
The project helps children learn skills to prevent transmission of HIV, reduce stigma and discrimination against HIV contractors.
CRI News Report:China works to offset falling export's ...2009-07-24
China reports a 23.5% decline in its first half year's foreign trade , with exports falling 21.2%. Export trading, which used to shore up China's robust GDP growth, has now become a major challenge to the emerging economy. Our reporter Wang Ling has more.
CRI News Report:Chinese delegation heads to Moscow for ...2009-07-23
A Chinese delegation left for Moscow on Wednesday to discuss the case involving about 150 Chinese businesspeople seized during a crackdown at the Cherkizovsky Market in the Russian capital.
CRI News Report:Uygur Culture and Language Well ...2009-07-22
After the Urumqi riot, some foreign media outlets have accused the Chinese government of restricting the language and culture of the Uygur ethnic group.
CRI News Report:China expects its Renminbi to play bigger ...2009-07-21
In a move that began earlier this month, importers and exporters in China were able to use the renminbi to settle cross-border trade. China started the pilot scheme of RMB settlement in Shanghai and four other cities in southern China.
CRI News Report:Foreign Milk Powder Companies about...2009-07-20
Foreign milk powder producer Wyeth recently says it will increase its prices in China. It is the first time a foreign company has formally announced a price hike since last year's tainted milk scandal. Let's take a closer look with reporter Liu Min.
CRI News Report:Quality Child Care Is in Need as Summer ...2009-07-20
Most Chinese schools close for their summer breaks in July. For households where both parents have to work, finding a quality childcare center has become a major concern. Our reporter Wang Ling finds more.
CRI News Report:Chinese Government Takes Concrete ...2009-07-18
In order to tackle the problem, the Chinese government has taken concrete steps to create jobs for migrant workers and college graduates.
CRI News Report:China's GDP Grows 7.9 Pct in Q22009-07-17
Official data released on Thursday shows that the Chinese economy expanded 7.9 percent year-on-year in the second quarter as the nation became the first of the major economies to rebound from the global recession.
CRI News Report:Social Order Restored in Xinjiang Following ...2009-07-16
Anchor: An official with northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region says social order has been gradually restored in Urumqi after the deadly riot. The region's government is dealing with the aftermath of the violence.
CRI News Report:White-collar Workers Moonlight as Street...2009-07-15
Every night, vendors crowd the roadside in a densely populated neighbourhood in Beijing, hawking all kinds of products, their cars parked behind them in a line along the street.
CRI News Report:Experts: China's Economy Stabilizing...2009-07-14
Experts say China's economy saw an upturn in the first half of this year as the government adopted a raft of economic stimulus polices to fight against the global financial crisis.
CRI News Report:Taiwan Students Who Complete Degrees...2009-07-13
Anchor: According to information from the ongoing forum, some 20 thousand Taiwan students have come to the mainland for higher education.As cross-Straits relations are getting closer, these students are seeing increasing opportunities for employment on the mainland.
CRI News Report:Phone Interview with Zhang Cheng in Urumqi2009-07-11
In Urumqi, the capital of China's northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, life is returning to normal while the local government is working to handle the aftermath of the July 5th riots. CRI reproter Zhang Cheng is right now in Urumqi and brings us the latest developments in the city.
CRI News Report:G5 Calls for More Cooperation on ...2009-07-10
The Group of Five leading developing countries have jointly issued a political declaration in the earthquake-stricken Italian city of L'Aquila.
CRI News Report:TV Shopping电视购物2009-07-09
An survey done by the Beijing Consumer Association find that all the respondents say TV shopping channels are not trustworthy. Most of them feel they have been cheated after they purchased items promoted on the show.
CRI News Report:Death toll rises to 156 in Urumqi's riots2009-07-08
Local residents and overseas Chinese have expressed severe condemnation of the rioters. The government is working to handle the aftermath of the riots. CRI's Yang Yong has more
CRI News Report:Urumqi Residents Denounce Riot2009-07-07
A preliminary investigation showed some 200 shops and 14 homes were destroyed in the riot and some 260 vehicles burned.
CRI News Report:First Deal of Cross-Border RMB Trade ...2009-07-06
Banks in Shanghai are gearing up preparations for the first cross-border trade settlements in Chinese currency. The pilot program will begin next Monday.
CRI News Report:Hu Jintao's Visit to Boost Sino-Italian Ties2009-07-05
A senior Italian official says Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Italy, which starts on Sunday, will pave the way for stronger bilateral ties. Hu Jintao will lead a large business delegation to the European country to seek opportunities of cooperation. Our reporter Shuang Feng has more.