CRI News Report:Dubai's Debt Crisis2009-11-30
Of the many booming economies that gorged on debt in the boom years, Dubai, one of the most populous state of the United Arab Emirates stood out. In the space of a few years the emirate's investment arm, Dubai World, has racked up nearly 60 billion US dollars in debt. Having payments of billions of dollars due in coming weeks, however, Dubai announced a six-month.
CRI News Report:Garlic,the Best Investment in...2009-11-29
The price of garlic in China has nearly quadrupled since March. Some say the price increase reflects a centuries-old belief that garlic can stave off disease, a reputation which has made it popular during the H1N1 flu worries this year. Wang Ling has more.
CRI News Report:Pandas to Provide Huge Economic Boost to SA2009-11-28
Australian zoo officials say giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi will provide a $600 million boost to the South Australian economy during their 10-year stay in Adelaide. CRI's Australia correspondent Chen Feng has more.
CRI News Report:IFRC General Assembly Concludes in Nairobi2009-11-27
The International Federation of Red Cross
CRI News Report:UN Launches A New Initiative to Combat ...2009-11-26
To mark the 10th anniversary of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th, a new initiative called Network of Men Leaders was launched Tuesday by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It brings together current and former politicians, activists, religious and community figures to combat the global problem of violence against women. CRI's correspondent, Shen Ting, filed the report.
CRI News Report:Children Adopted from China on Root-seeking...2009-11-25
Forty-six children who were adopted by foreigners and are growing up abroad have come back to their birthplaces in China on a root-seeking trip.
CRI News Report:Chinese Cities Face with the Problem...2009-11-24
Many Chinese cities are now facing the problem of growing piles of trash. Whether to burn or bury the annoying waste has stirred up debate among the public and the government. Wang Ling again.
CRI News Report:China's Job Market Warmed as ...2009-11-23
As the Chinese economy gradually emerges from its economic recession, many job seekers say the country's job market is showing slight signs of improvement compared to last year.
CRI News Report:China raises price of electricity ..2009-11-22
The Chinese government has raised the price of electricity for non-residential use by an average of 2.8 fen, or 0.4 U.S. cents, per kilowatt hour as of Friday. Experts say the small price hike will cause limited cost increases for productive enterprises.
CRI News Report:Bankers:Financial Regulatory System...2009-11-20
Bankers from both China and the rest of the world are calling for a reform of the international financial regulatory system in order to deal with the economic woes and prevent new risks.
CRI News Report:China,US have Great Potential in Energy ...2009-11-19
China and the United States have signed a joint statement in Beijing, agreeing that the transition to a green and low-carbon economy is essential. Experts from both China and the US say Sino-US energy and environmental cooperation has a bright future.
CRI News Report:Chinese President says progress made in ...2009-11-18
At a joint press conference with Obama after the talks, Chinese President Hu Jintao says that his talks with U.S. President Barack Obama were candid, constructive and fruitful.
CRI News Report:Chinese Vice President Calls for ...2009-11-17
Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping has called for the expansion of economic cooperation between Asian and European countries to fight against the financial crisis at the 2009 Euro-Asia Economic Forum.
CRI News Report:Chinese Ministries to Curb Overcapacity and ...2009-11-15
Several high level government ministries are working together to curb overcapacity and investment in some of China's largest manufacturing industries. The move comes amid the global economic crisis that has prompted China to launch its own stimulus package.
CRI News Report:Chinese President Warns against Protectionism2009-11-14
Chinese President Hu Jintao warns that protectionism will not help any country move out of the financial crisis, saying it can only pose a threat to the fragile momentum of the economic recovery.Shuang Feng has more.
CRI News Report:US Experts on U.S. President Obama's Visit to China2009-11-13
Jeffery Bader, senior director for East Asian Affairs with the U.S. National Security Council, says President Obama is expected to talk with his Chinese counterpart, President Hu Jintao about a wide range of issues.
CRI News Report:Rally Memorializes Peace Pioneer ...2009-11-11
Fifty-eight-year-old Dubi Avigur was here 14 years ago and witnessed the tragedy. As a peace activist himself, Dubi is pessimistic about peace this year, with the peace talks between Israel and Palestine stalled and a right-wing Israeli government adopting hard-line policies on core issues like settlements on the West Bank.
CRI News Report:President Hu leaves Beijing for state visits,...2009-11-11
Over recent years, China and Malaysia have arranged frequent exchanges. China is increasingly important for Malaysia and has become the country's biggest trading partner this year.
CRI News Report:How Chinese Companies Deal with Talent Integration2009-11-09
The global economic downturn gives China a good opportunity to recruit high-level overseas professionals. According to the latest statistics, until the end of 2008, there were more than 210,000 foreigners working in China.
CRI News Report:Chinese President: China Adheres to Peaceful ...2009-11-08
Hu Jintao, also Chairman of the Central Military Commission, met with air force leaders from thirty countries ahead of the 60th anniversary of People's Liberation Army air force.
CRI News Report:Exchange of Foreign Experts to be ...2009-11-07
Xia Bing is director of the Information Research Center of International Talent under the State Administration of Foreign Experts. He says the highlight of the Conference is the exchange of foreign talent dubbed the Shenzhen Forum.
CRI News Report:China's Industrial Production Expected to Grow...2009-11-06
Spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhu Hongren, said on Thursday the value-added production, China's key gauge of industrial growth, has continued a two-digit growth for four consecutive months.
CRI News Report:The Beijing Forum on Human Rights ...2009-11-05
China has made historic progress in the field of human rights since the founding of the People's Republic 60 years ago.
CRI News Report:The Second Beijing Forum on Human Rights ...2009-11-04
Head of the China Society for Human Rights Studies, Luo Haocai, noted in discussions that development, as an inalienable human right, should be comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable.
CRI News Report:China's Internet Industry Expected to ...2009-11-04
Under the shadow of the economic crisis, the Chinese internet industry has continued to grow steadily.Han Xia of the China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology notes that the internet is now more accessible than ever before.