The World Health Organization has raised its pandemic alert level to four because of the outbreak of the new swine flu virus which has been confirmed in Mexico, the US, Canada, Spain and Scotland. Keiji Fukuda is WHO's Assistant Director-General.
The acting head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Richard Besser, says there have been 20 confirmed cases of swine flu so far in the US. All 20 people have recovered and only 1 required hospitalization.
Frieden says further tests are being done to see if the students definitely have the new type of swine flu that's being blamed for at least 20 deaths and hundreds of illnesses in Mexico. Authorities there have stepped up efforts to halt the spread of the disease. Jennifer Schmidt reports from Mexico City.
The Mexican government is battling a new strain of flu virus which has killed nearly 60 people, sickened hundreds of others and threatens millions in the world's largest and most densely populated capital city. James Blears reports from Mexico City.
President Barack Obama met today with the heads of some of the country's biggest credit card companies. The president made it clear his administration wants the industry to cut out the fine print and sudden interest rate hikes that cause problems for so many customers.
General Motors, already under the gun to retool ahead of a government deadline, apparently is planning a major summer shutdown to a number of US factories. According to sources familiar with the plan, GM will close most of its US plants, some for as long as nine weeks.
President Obama today left open the possibility of criminal prosecution for Bush administration officials who authorized harsh interrogation techniques. NPR’s Scott Horsley reports.
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From NPR news in Washington, I'm Craig Windham.NPR News has learned that the Obama Administration asked the Chairman and CEO of General Motors Rick Wagoner to step down and he has agreed to do so.