The Obama Administration has signed a deal to sell Saudi Arabia nearly 13 billion dollars in fighter jets. NPR's Michele Kelemen reports it's designed at least in part to send a signal to Iran that US troops are out of Iraq.
该音频有LRC字幕 NPR新闻附字幕:伊拉克教徒在严密保护中庆祝圣诞节 菲利普亲王在医院度过2011-12-30
In Nigeria today, mourning and terror as a series of bombs exploded in five different cities. At least 25 people were killed in an explosion during Christmas mass at a Roman Catholic church outside the Nigerian capital Abuja.
该音频有LRC字幕 NPR新闻附字幕:纽约游客呈现新高 墨西哥毒枭副手落网2011-12-29
In Arab League, observer group arrives in Syria today as the government continues a violent crackdown against dissenters. Activists say 13 people were killed in Homs today.
In Arab League, observer group arrives in Syria today as the government continues a violent crackdown against dissenters. Activists say 13 people were killed in Homs today. The BBC's Jim Muir reports videos showed desperate and outraged residents there pleading for the world to notice.
该音频有LRC字幕 NPR新闻讲解附字幕:阿富汗美军2014年前返乡 季莫申科上诉遭法院驳回2011-12-27
The payroll tax cut is now extended for 2 months. Congress approved today earlier and President Obama has signed it to law. As NPR Brian Naylor reports, some 116 million Americans will continue getting a break on their taxes and unemployment benefits will continue through February.
该音频有LRC字幕 NPR新闻讲解附字幕:现房销售仍然萎靡不振 朝鲜人民沉痛哀悼金正日2011-12-24
The latest numbers on the housing market show at least a little improvement. The National Association of Realtors says the sale of existing homes rose 4 percent from the month before. This after the association yesterday revised the sale of past 4 years downward.NPR reports sale are still sluggish.
该音频有LRC字幕 NPR新闻讲解附字幕:约翰博纳拒绝政府的延期提议 尼桑公司召回问题汽车2011-12-23
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hoping that the change in North Korea's leadership will lead to improved US relations with the communist nation. She spoke to reporters after a meeting in Washington with Japan's foreign minister.
该音频有LRC字幕 NPR新闻讲解附字幕:阿桑奇否认指控 美国高校拒签军队协议2011-12-22
In the House, lawmakers eager to leave Washington gridlock behind them for a holiday break ever approved the one-trillion-dollar spending bill. Speaker of the House John Boehner announced the vote.
NPR新闻讲解附字幕:奥巴马总统表示希望减税 伊拉克战争即将结束2011-12-21
President Obama is praising senate agreement passed this morning to extend social security payroll tax cut into the new year. As npr Scott Horsley reports the short term agreement is merely success stage for another tax show down in early 2012.
NPR新闻:As The Iraq War Ends, Reassessing The U.S. Surge2011-12-20
Here's the conventional wisdom about the U.S. troop surge in Iraq: By 2006, Iraq was in chaos. Many Americans called for the U.S. to get out.
NPR新闻:Albright Remembers Havel As An Artist, Hero2011-12-20
Vaclav Havel, the Czech playwright who led a revolution to bring down the country's communist regime, died Sunday morning at his weekend house in the northern Czech Republic. He was 75.
Nadia Karim Hassan says she stayed in her Baghdad neighborhood as long as she could, but by the height of the sectarian war in 2007, too many fellow Shiites were getting killed, and she had to leave the area and move into an abandoned building.
President Obama is praising a Senate agreement passed this morning to extend the social security payroll tax cut into the New Year. As NPR’s Scott Horsley reports the short-term agreement merely sets the stage for another tax showdown in early 2012.
Earlier this month, a ceremony took place in Baghdad that was unthinkable under Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein: Ashura, the annual Shiite ritual marking the slaying of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad and one of the most revered figures in Shiite Islam.
No changes to report following the conclusion of the Federal Reserve’s last meeting of the year. Steve Beckner of Market News International has more.
First of two stories, which are part of an ongoing series on obesity in America. The first part begins in August as students start their weight-loss journey at Wellspring Academy, a boarding school in Brevard, N.C. The second checks in with the students a few months later.
NPR新闻:At Last, Nations Agree To Landmark Climate Deal2011-12-13
After a third sleepless night, climate negotiators in Durban, South Africa, finally found a way to reach a compromise early Sunday morning.
NPR新闻:New Rules Turn Up Heat On Florida's Redistricting2011-12-12
History shows us that elections can turn on details a momentary lapse during a debate, the design of a butterfly ballot, who oversees a recount. That's why so much attention is being paid this year in state capitals to redistricting.
Virginia Tech’s on lockdown while police search for a gunman who killed a police officer and another person a few hours ago following a traffic stop on the campus. University spokesman Mark Owczarski is heard on WDBJ television.
NPR新闻:EPA Connects 'Fracking' To Water Contamination2011-12-10
For the first time, a government study has tied contamination in drinking water to an advanced drilling technique commonly known as fracking.
NPR新闻:Teenage Girls Will Still Need A Prescription For 'Plan B'2011-12-09
In a surprising twist, the Obama administration has overruled the Food and Drug Administration and will not allow teenage girls to buy the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step without a prescription.
NPR新闻:Gingerly, GOP Contenders Address Payroll Tax Cut2011-12-08
At the end of this month, a payroll tax cut is set to expire that the White House says would result in a tax increase of about $1,000 per year on most middle-class families. The benefit is popular with the American people, which may be one reason President Obama has been relentlessly promoting it.
Scientists have discovered a planet not too much bigger than Earth that's circling a distant star that's much like our own sun. What's more, this planet is in the Goldilocks zone around that star a region that's not too hot and not too cold. That's the kind of place that could be home to liquid water and maybe even life.
NPR新闻:How Europe's Troubles Could Become Ours, Too2011-12-06
This week, European leaders will huddle in intense meetings, trying to work out a comprehensive plan to solve crushing debt problems.
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