He continued working in his mother’s theater company as an actor and a manager until nineteen thirteen.
voa慢速英语:Short Story: 'Rappaccini's Daughter' ... Part 22009-05-30
Many years ago, a young man named Giovanni Guasconti left his home in Naples to study in northern Italy. He took a room in an old house next to a magnificent garden filled with strange flowers and other plants.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:Woman in the News: Judge Sonia Sotomayor2009-05-30
The next step is to prepare for Senate confirmation hearings. Senators are expected to question her about a comment she made at a law school in two thousand five.
voa慢速英语:Map Whizzes Test Their Skills at the National ...2009-05-29
Timis County shares its name with a tributary of the Danube and is located in the western part of which European country?" If you gave the correct answer, "Romania," you are very strong in geography.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:Jobs and the Slow Road to Economic Recovery2009-05-29
The National Association for Business Economics has its latest predictions for the American economy. Most of the forty-five business economists questioned said they expect the recession to end in the second half of the year.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:Studying in the US: A Lesson in Personal ... Part 22009-05-28
Studying in the US: A Lesson in Personal Finance, Part 2 This is the VOA Special English Education Report.We continue now with our discussion of personal finance for students.A study in the United St
voa慢速英语:American History Series: Search for Gold Drives...2009-05-28
American History Series: Search for Gold Drives Settlers to the WestWelcome to the MAKING OF A NATION – American history in VOA Special English.As we reported in our last program, slavery supporte
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:研究表明禁烟令不会影响餐馆酒吧就业机会2009-05-27
Smoking is the world's leading preventable cause of death. In the United States, smoking rates are down from the past, but cigarettes still cause about one-fifth of all deaths.
voa慢速英语:Piracy Wave Hits Ships of All Flags Near ...2009-05-27
for days, a small boat had been following the Maersk Alabama. In it, four heavily armed Somali men were watching and waiting. Now, the pirates saw their chance. They moved to board the ship.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:控制杂草的方法2009-05-26
When is a plant considered a weed? Experts at Penn State University have a simple answer: When its undesirable qualities outweigh its good qualities.
The female mosquito drinks the blood and uses it to produce as many as two hundred fifty eggs. The insect leaves the eggs in any standing water.
Every people has its own way of saying things, its own special expressions. Many everyday American expressions are based on colors.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:向大自然学习拯救早产儿的方法2009-05-25
Kangaroo mother care is also known as the skin-to-skin method for premature babies. The direct contact with the mother keeps the baby warm. It also lets the baby breastfeed at any time.
Sailors measure the depth of the water in fathoms. Thus, the deep six is the deepest fathom...the final six feet at the bottom of the ocean. A sailor who never wants to see something again will give it the deep-six. He will drop it from the ship to the ocean bottom.
voa慢速英语:Short Story: 'Rappaccini's Daughter' by ...2009-05-24
Many years ago, a young man named Giovanni Guasconti left his home in Naples to study in northern Italy. He rented a small room on the top floor of a dark and ancient palace. Long ago, the building had belonged to a noble family.
Wednesday's test came two days after Benjamin Netanyahu, the new Israeli prime minister, visited President Obama. It was their first meeting as leaders. Next week, the Palestinian and Egyptian presidents visit the White House.
voa慢速英语:The Effort to Make Kansas a Slave State2009-05-23
The Supreme Court ruled that Congress did not have the power to close territories to slavery. It said the Missouri Compromise was a violation of the United States Constitution, and that Dred Scott was not a free man.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:美国信用卡公司面临新限制2009-05-22
A bill to place new restrictions on the credit card industry in the United States won final approval this week in Congress. The measure went to President Obama to sign into law with popular support, except among banks.
voa慢速英语:The Empire State Building Goes Green2009-05-22
The tallest building in New York City is "going green." No…the Empire State Building is not being painted. But it is getting an environmental make-over. Faith Lapidus tells about the planned changes.
voa慢速英语讲解:睡眠科学: 梦和做梦的奥秘2009-05-21
Sleep Science: The Mystery of Dreams and DreamingVOICE ONE:I'm Steve Ember.VOICE TWO:And I'm Barbara Klein with EXPLORATIONS in VOA Special English. Do you dream? Do you create pictures and stori
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:学习在美国:怎样进行个人理财2009-05-21
Studying in the US: A Lesson in Personal Finance
This is the VOA Special English Education Report. A question from the teacher. Susanna Wesson writes: "I teach English to French students of engineer
Looking for New Uses for Spices -- in the Medical LabVOICE ONE:
This is SCIENCE IN THE NEWS, a program in VOA Special English. I'm Bob Doughty.VOICE TWO:And I'm Faith Lapidus. Herbs and spices he
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:自己种植草莓2009-05-20
This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. One of the sweetest gifts of nature is a red, ripe strawberry. There are three basic kinds of strawberries: June bearing, ever bearing and day neut
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解:不在美国读美国大学2009-05-19
Studying at an American University, Just Not in the USThis is the VOA Special English Education Report. This week in our series on American higher education, we discuss programs that are available in
Fall Guy: He Took the Blame for Someone ElseNow, the VOA Special English program, Words and Their Stories.(MUSIC)Every week at this time, the Voice of America tells about popular words and expressi
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