voa慢速英语:Where Did 'OK' Come From?2010-02-28
Millions of people all over the world use the word OK. In fact, some people say the word is used more often than any other word in the world. OK means all right or acceptable. It expresses agreement or approval.
voa慢速英语:Billie Holiday,1915-1959:The Lady Sang the Blues2010-02-28
That was Billie Holiday singing one of her famous songs. She and Arthur Herzog wrote it. Billie Holiday's life was a mixture of success and tragedy. Her singing expressed her experiences and her feelings.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解附字幕:美国医改路在何方?2010-02-27
This week, President Obama led a meeting of Democratic and Republican lawmakers to discuss health reform. Thursday's meeting lasted more than six hours and was broadcast live on television and the Internet.
The old Indian was sitting on the snow. It was Koskoosh, former chief of his tribe. Now, all he could do was sit and listen to the others. His eyes were old. He could not see, but his ears were wide open to every sound.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:丰田总裁向美国国会致歉2010-02-26
In Washington, Congress will again discuss the safety problems at Toyota. On Tuesday, a Senate committee will examine the recent safety recalls and the government's response.
voa慢速英语:Americans Set Record at Winter Olympics2010-02-26
The Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, will end Sunday. The United States has won a record number of medals at the international games. Bob Doughty and Faith Lapidus tell about some of the winning American athletes on and off the ice and snow.
People have described this experience as sensed presence or as an imaginary shadow person. It is also known as the Third Man syndrome. The Canadian-American writer John Geiger wrote about this in a recent book called The Third Man Factor. The book will soon be published in several languages, including Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:美国学生在中国帮助下学汉语2010-02-25
Saint Mary's also teaches Spanish, German and Latin. It added Mandarin in two thousand five. Two years ago, it became the first school in the country to join the Confucius Classroom program.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:医疗工作者需警惕针头刺伤2010-02-24
For medical students, real experience begins not in a classroom but at a teaching hospital. These doctors in training are supervised. But sometimes accidents happen and the students get injured.
voa慢速英语:Scientists Seeking Better Treatments for ...2010-02-23
Multiple sclerosis is not easy to say. Those who suffer from the disease may also have difficulty naming it. One sign of multiple sclerosis is losing the ability to speak clearly. It is estimated that more than two million five hundred thousand people worldwide suffer from multiple sclerosis, which also is called MS.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:冬季暴风雪影响华盛顿樱桃树2010-02-23
Official snowfall records for Washington date back to eighteen eighty-four. By early February, this winter had already broken them with one hundred forty-two centimeters of snow measured.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:假药的:?/a>2010-02-22
Counterfeit medicines are a widespread problem in developing countries. Like other counterfeits, they look like real products. But counterfeit drugs may contain too much, too little or none of the active ingredients of the real thing.
voa慢速英语:Music Spotlight:Reba,Zac Brown Band and More2010-02-22
Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I'm Barbara Klein. This week on our program, we have music from the latest albums by country singer Reba McEntire and saxophonist David Sanborn.
Until the twentieth century, most paintings were representational. This means that artists "represented" their subjects in a way that was realistic and recognizable. However, during the first half of the twentieth century, artists like Jackson Pollock started to explore other methods of representation.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解附字幕:与昆虫有关的短语2010-02-21
There are many American expressions about insects -- like bees, for example. Bees are known as very hard workers. They always appear to be busy, moving around their homes, or hives. So you might say you were as busy as a bee if you spent your weekend cleaning your house.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语讲解附字幕:2009或成记者灾难年2010-02-20
The Committee to Protect Journalists says at least seventy-one members of the media were killed last year around the world. A single act of political violence in the Philippines raised the number sharply compared to the year before. In November, gunmen killed nearly sixty people, including more than thirty journalists and media support workers.
voa慢速英语:An English Test,and a Warning2010-02-19
This week on our program, we answer a question from Japan. A listener named Maki would like to know if the test known as the TOEIC is popular in the United States. TOEIC is the Test of English for International Communication. It measures the ability of people to communicate in the workplace using everyday English.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:Treating an Abnormal Heartbeat2010-02-18
A condition called atrial fibrillation produces an abnormal heartbeat. People feel their heart race and they lose their breath. It may last a few seconds, but it can get worse and worse with age, leading to a heart attack or stroke.
voa慢速英语:American History Series: Grant's Political Battles2010-02-18
Ulysses Grant was elected president of the United States in eighteen sixty-eight. Grant was a military hero. He led Union troops of the North to victory over Confederate troops of the South in the Civil War.
voa慢速英语:Chocolate Has a History as Rich as Its Taste2010-02-18
Most people today think of chocolate as something sweet to eat or drink than can be easily found in stores around the world. It might surprise you that chocolate was once highly treasured.
voa慢速英语:Getting to the Heart of How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Work2010-02-18
A small reduction in salt in your diet can be a big help to your heart. A new study used a computer model to predict how just three grams less a day would affect heart disease in the United States.
voa慢速英语:UNICEF Appeals for Aid for Women and Children2010-02-18
Haiti was considered to be in crisis long before the earthquake in January. The deputy executive director of UNICEF, Hilde Johnson, says the quake has only made the need for aid more immediate. But she says children all over the world have the right to the same assistance as children everywhere else.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英语 voa慢速英语:Burros Can Do More Than Work Just as Pack Animals2010-02-18
A burro is a small donkey. Another way that people say it is BOOR-oh. The name comes from Spanish and, before that, from a Latin term for a small horse. Donkeys are related to horses. Both are part of the equine family.
voa慢速英语:WORDS AND THEIR STORIES-Great Scott2010-02-18
Then there is Holy Toledo! It is another expression of surprise. It refers to the city of Toledo, Spain, an important religious center in medieval times. Toledo was a holy city for both the Roman Catholics and the Muslim Moors of Spain.
voa慢速英语:Tombstone, Arizona:“The town too tough to die”2010-02-18
The town that is now Tombstone, Arizona was first a mining camp. Silver miner Ed Schieffelin named the town. In eighteen seventy-seven, Mister Schieffelin was searching for silver in the Arizona territory. The area at the time was extremely dangerous. Apache Indians considered it to be their land and were all too ready to fight for it.
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