voa常速英语:Power Failure Brings Sydney to a Halt2009-04-02
A widespread power blackout brought chaos to the heart of Australia's biggest city, Sydney. Thousands of homes have been left without electricity and there has been mayhem for commuters when the p
voa常速英语:Obama Prepares for European Trip2009-04-02
U.S. President Barack Obama will leave Washington early Tuesday morning on his first overseas trip since taking office. He will attend a global economic summit in London and a meeting of NATO leade
voa常速英语:Republicans Try to Adjust to Opposition Role2009-04-02
As President Barack Obama makes his way through his first 100 days in office, Republicans are still trying to find their voice as the loyal opposition as they adjust to a new Democratic president a
voa常速英语:Obama: America Expects Accountability From Pakistan2009-04-02
Obama: America Expects Accountability From Pakistan
By Paula Wolfson
White House
29 March 2009U.S. President Barack Obama says the United States will give Pakistan the tools it needs to help defe
voa常速英语:Thai PM Rejects Opposition Calls to Resign2009-04-02
Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has rejected calls for the government to resign, as rallies against his administration moved into their second day. Analysts say political tensions remain high
voa常速英语:Swiss Banks Call Tax Evader Label Unfair2009-04-02
The Swiss Bankers Association has launched a blistering attack against the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development calling the OECD's treatment of Switzerland disgraceful. The banker
voa常速英语:Obama To Unveil Afghan Strategy...( 填空版)2009-04-02
填空答案在文本下面U.S. President Barack Obama will unveil his new Afghan strategy on Friday - one week before a NATO summit convenes on the French-German border. The plan is the result of a detaile
voa常速英语:Floods Receding in Namibia and Zambia2009-04-02
United Nations officials say flood waters in Namibia and Zambia are receding and regional weather forecasters say they currently have no projections for heavy rains in the catchments of the Zambezi
voa常速英语:Sudanese President Makes High-Profile...(填空版)2009-04-02
Sudanese President Makes High-Profile Trip to CairoSudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is visiting Egypt on his first high-profile trip abroad, and second to a neighboring country in three days.
voa常速英语:Turkish Voters Head to Polls, Sunday2009-04-02
Turkish voters go to the polls in nationwide local elections on Sunday, March 29. The predominantly Kurdish Southeast, and in-particular Diyarbakir, the largest city in the region, is seen as a key
voa常速英语:Russia Slams Ukraine-EU Pipeline Deal...(填空版)2009-04-02
Russia is postponing scheduled consultations with the government of Ukraine pending review of Monday's agreement between Kyiv and the European Union to improve the Ukrainian gas pipeline system. E
voa常速英语:Obama, NATO Chief Review Alliance...(填空版)2009-04-02
Obama, NATO Chief Review Alliance MissionsU.S. President Barack Obama said his goal is to help create a stronger NATO. Mr. Obama said he wants to see an invigorated NATO presence in Afghanistan.NAT
voa常速英语:Israel's Netanyahu Closer to Forming Government(填空版)2009-04-02
Israel's Prime Minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, is closer to forming a government that will be dominated by right-wing parties that oppose giving many concessions to the Palestinians. But M
voa常速英语:Airline Industry Faces $4.7 Billion in Losses...(填空版)2009-04-02
Airline Industry Faces $4.7 Billion in Losses in 2009The International Air Transport Association says world airlines are set to lose $4.7 billion in 2009 due to the global recession, almost double
voa常速英语:Studies Question Benefit from Prostate...(填空版)2009-04-02
Studies Question Benefit from Prostate Cancer TestU.S. and European researchers say the leading test used to screen for prostate cancer may do more harm than good. The new studies are re-igniting d
voa常速英语:Turkish President Makes Historic Visit to Iraq(填空版)2009-04-02
Turkey's President Abdallah Gul is making the first visit to Iraq by a Turkish head of state in 33 years. Both Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Turkish President Gul were all smiles for the hist
voa常速英语:US Senate Confirms Trade Representative(填空版)2009-04-02
The U.S. Senate Wednesday voted 92 to 5 to confirm Ron Kirk as U.S. Trade Representative. Kirk, who becomes the first African American to hold the post, has vowed to pursue new trade deals but also
voa常速英语:Obama's Leadership Style Put To Test(填空版)2009-04-02
U.S. President Barack Obama has been in office two months now, and the ongoing economic crisis is putting his leadership skills to the test.
It was a challenging week for a new president focused on
voa常速英语:US Lawmakers Probe AIG Bonuses(填空版)2009-04-02
U.S. lawmakers expressed outrage in a congressional hearing on Wednesday about tens of millions of dollars in bonuses paid out by the troubled insurance conglomerate, American International Group,
voa常速英语:Mbeki Assumes Leadership of AU Darfur...(填空版)2009-04-02
Mbeki Assumes Leadership of AU Darfur PanelA high-level panel led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki has begun work exploring a possible African-led solution to the crisis in Darfur. The
voa常速英语:Expert Says Days of 'Easy Water' Are Over(填空版)2009-04-02
The fifth World Water Forum opened on Monday in Istanbul, Turkey. Thousands of people are at the meeting - from heads of state and environmental and business leaders to scientists and activists - t
voa常速英语:Syria Offers to Mediate With Iran(填空版)2009-04-02
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is proposing to mediate between the West and Iran, telling an Italian newspaper that he's prepared to act as a go-between to improve relations that have been furth
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA常速英语 voa常速英语:Obama Takes on Budget Critics2009-04-02
U.S. President Barack Obama is taking on Republican critics of his economic plan. After vowing to ease the partisan rhetoric in Washington, the president is turning up the heat.
President Barack Obam
voa常速英语:Olmert Rejects Hamas Proposed Prisoner Swap2009-04-02
Israel says indirect negotiations with the militant Islamic group Hamas have failed. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says his government will not accept the group's demands in exchange for the release
voa常速英语:UN Protests Expulsion of Aid Agencies from Darfur2009-04-02
UN aid agencies strongly protest the expulsion of 13 leading non-governmental organizations from Sudan's conflict-ridden province of Darfur. The agencies warn of catastrophic consequences if the g