[VOA标准英语] US Economy Contracts at More Than 6 Percent Annual Rate2009-05-03
The U.S. Commerce Department reports in its first estimate of economic performance for the January to March quarter, that the U.S. economy contracted at a bigger than forecasted annual rate - 6.1 percent.
[VOA标准英语] Swine Flu Source Apparently Not Pigs, says FAO2009-05-03
An FAO assessment team is heading for Mexico, along with experts from the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control. "We have mobilized funds to assist our country members to strengthen their surveillance system in pig production," Domenech said.
[VOA标准英语] Obama Pledges Government Action to Deal With Swine Flu Outbreak2009-05-03
"Keep your hands washed. Cover your mouth when you cough," said Mr. Obama. "Stay home from work if you are sick. Keep your children home from school if they are sick."
[VOA标准英语] Europe Prepares for More Swine Flu Cases2009-05-03
Among the three are two adults and one 12-year-old child. The school the student attends has been closed down temporarily and all of those attending have been offered anti-viral treatment.
voa常速英语:European Envoys Fail to Win Sri Lankan Cease-Fire2009-05-03
The government contends a pause to military action would only benefit the remaining several hundred hold-outs from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, whose whereabouts are unknown.
该音频有LRC字幕,点击图片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA常速英语 voa常速英语讲解:澳大利亚增加阿富汗驻军2009-05-02
Australia will send an extra 450 troops to Afghanistan to address what the government in Canberra describes as a worsening security situation in the troubled country.Australia has responded to diplom
U.S. Senator Arlen Specter's decision to defect from the Republican Party and become a Democrat is the latest setback for a party still reeling from national election defeats in 2008 and 2006.