[VOA标准英语]Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit Concludes in Beijing2009-10-31
Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states agreed to work together to combat the global economic crisis and find ways to increase cooperation on financial issues.
[VOA标准英语]Britain to Send More Troops to Afghanistan2009-10-31
The British prime minister says he plans to send an extra 500 troops to Afghanistan, if NATO coalition partners follow suit and the Afghan government speeds up training its own forces.
[VOA标准英语]Clinton Stresses Human Rights in Russia2009-10-31
In wrapping up a visit to Moscow, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for Russia to uphold human rights.
[VOA标准英语]Environmentalists Score Huge Victory in ThailandBy Ron Corben2009-10-31
Thailand's perception as a haven for foreign investment has been shaken after environmental activists and residents succeeded in a court order halting dozens of industrial projects worth almost $10 billion. The battle for the environment led to warnings any delays may damage the Thai economy. However, lawyers for the environmentalists say steps were necessary, after years of official neglect.
[VOA标准英语]Karadzic Trial to Begin Monday2009-10-31
More than 14 years after being charged with war crimes, Radovan Karadzic is expected to stand trial on Monday in The Hague. The former Bosnian Serb leader faces 11 counts of war crimes, including genocide, for leading the Bosnian war that is estimated to have left more than 100,000 people dead during the early-to-mid-1990s and saw Europe's only genocide since the Holocaust.
[VOA标准英语]ASEAN Summit Ends With Pledge to Build Flexible Community2009-10-31
Meetings of Southeast Asian leaders and their dialogue partners have ended with a pledge to build a more flexible economic community that is less dependent on the United States. There were also some hopeful signs of political change in military-run Burma.
[VOA标准英语]India, US Conduct Joint Military Exercise2009-10-31
India and the United States are conducting a massive joint military exercise in a northern Indian state. The war games reflect the growing security ties between the two countries.
[VOA标准英语]Asylum Debate Stirs Political Debate in Australia2009-10-31
A sharp increase in illegal migrants heading by boat to Australia has prompted accusations that the government has made the country a target for traffickers by easing immigration laws. More than 42 vessels have reached Australian waters over the past year, most carrying Afghans, Sri Lankans and Iraqis.
[VOA标准英语]Quotas Cut as Scientists Warn That Southern Bluefin Tuna Stocks Close...2009-10-31
Australia is cutting its catch of southern bluefin tuna by 30 percent after warnings from scientists that stocks are close to collapse. The reduction follows an international seafood conference in South Korea.
[VOA标准英语]First Day of Karadzic Trial Ends2009-10-31
Making good on his threat, former Serb leader Radovan Karadzic failed to appear in court for the opening of his trial on 11 counts of crimes against humanity and genocide, adjourning the proceedings in a mere 20 minutes.
[VOA标准英语]Iraqi Electoral Law Remains in Limbo Following Baghdad Bombings2009-10-31
The Iraqi parliament was scheduled to discuss the country's electoral law, Sunday, to set the stage for anticipated elections in January. However, two bloody explosions near Baghdad's Green Zone forced a postponement of the debate, which once again, leaves Iraq's political process in the lurch.
[VOA标准英语]Thai King Makes First Public Appearance After Hospital Stay2009-10-31
The Thai king, the world's longest-serving monarch, has made his first public appearance since being hospitalized more than a month ago. The appearance is expected to be widely welcomed after weeks of concern over the monarch's health.
voa常速英语:EU Reaches Agreement on Climate Aid2009-10-31
European Union leaders overcame differences on funding for climate change, and moved forward on new leadership posts for the 27-member block as they wrapped up a two-day summit.
voa常速英语:Somalia Prime Minister Says Government Will ...2009-10-31
A British couple kidnapped by pirates off the coast of the Seychelles are reportedly being held about 320 kilometers north of the Somali capital Mogadishu. Speaking in London, Somalia's prime minister said his government will do everything within its means to end piracy off its coast. But analysts say much has to change in Somalia before piracy can be halted.
[VOA标准英语]Senior North Korean Official Makes Rare Trip to US2009-10-30
A high-level North Korean official is traveling to the United States for meetings that may help push forward stalled diplomacy with Washington. The trip coincides with South Korean media speculation of talk between the North and South about a potential meeting of their leaders.
[VOA标准英语]Yemen, Iran trade Accusations About Houthi Rebels2009-10-30
Yemen's government has confirmed reports its coast guard has seized an Iranian ship with arms it says were destined for Yemeni rebels. Iranian media counters the Yemeni government is using al-Qaida in its war against the Shi'ite rebels.
[VOA标准英语]EU Leaders Meet in Brussels2009-10-30
European leaders are in Brussels to discuss possible candidates for a future president and foreign minister for the 27-member European Union. The heads of state will also try to overcome sharp differences about paying for developing countries to fight global warming, before a critical climate-change summit in Copenhagen.
[VOA标准英语]Officials Counting Results of Mozambican Vote2009-10-30
Election officials in Mozambique are tabulating the votes from Wednesday's national elections. They say preliminary indications are that voter turnout was high.
[VOA标准英语]'Amelia' Tells Story of Life, Tragic Disappearance of American Pioneer Aviator2009-10-30
The life and tragic disappearance of pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart are dramatized in a new film starring two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank and directed by Indian-born Mira Nair. Here's a look at Amelia.
[VOA标准英语]Car Bomb in Northwest Pakistan Kills 1002009-10-30
A car bomb has killed at least 100 people and wounded more than 200 others in a shopping area of the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Pakistan just hours earlier for a three-day visit.
[VOA标准英语]Astronomers Detect Most Distant Cosmic Object2009-10-30
Astronomers have discovered evidence of the oldest and most distant cosmic event ever detected, a burst from a dying star that occurred 13 billion years ago, very soon after the birth of the universe. Scientists hope the discovery of the ancient explosion will bring new insights into the evolution of the cosmos.
[VOA标准英语]UN Chief: Bombing Will Not Deter UN from Afghan Mission2009-10-30
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says Wednesday's suicide attack on a U.N. guest house in Kabul that killed nine people, including six U.N. staffers, will not deter the organization from its mission in Afghanistan. From U.N. headquarters in New York, Margaret Besheer reports Mr. Ban said the United Nations would continue to help the country prepare for the second round of its presidential election scheduled for next month.
[VOA标准英语]Scientists Embark on Expeditions to Study Biodiversity in Mozambique and Madagascar2009-10-30
European and African scientists are embarking on two major expeditions to take stock of the biodiversity in little known areas of Mozambique and Madagascar. The projects focus on areas considered to be "biodiversity hotspots" that are also threatened by development.
[VOA标准英语]Zimbabwe's Lawyers Withdraw From Justice Conference2009-10-30
Zimbabwe's main professional associations, including the law society and "Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights", will not attend a conference organized by the ZANU-PF-controlled justice ministry. The withdrawal of the professional groups represents a serious blow to the fragile unity government.
[VOA标准英语]Indian PM Makes Fresh Offer of Dialogue to Pakistan2009-10-30
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has offered to talk on all issues to rival Pakistan provided it cracks down on terror groups based in the country. The Indian leader, who is visiting Indian Kashmir, also called on separatist groups in the region to join a dialogue with his government.
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