181.诺贝尔和平奖应该是nobel prize for peace还是nobel prize in peace??

Nobel Peace Prize


183. 盛大的狂欢节怎么表达呢?grand carnival

184. 热情奔放的性格怎么表达呢?

be bubbling with enthusiasm(我觉得这里性格不要翻上去比较自然)

185.真理越辩越明怎么表达呢?Truth becomes clearer through debate.

186. 哈佛商学院Harvard Business School

187. 恶性竞争 vicious competition

188.急功近利 be eager for quick success and instant benefit; seek instant success and quick profits

189.以偏概全take a part for the whole;generalize(about sth) from isolated incidents

190. Re: ==请教:从众心理怎么说?==group psychology

191.Re: 请问文艺复兴怎么说Renaissance

192.Re: 请教“男生和女生的”怎么翻译


boy’s and girl’s rooms = boy’s room and girl’s 男生女生各自的房间

boy and girl’s rooms男生女生共有的房间


the boys and girls’ rooms

应当指出:the boys’ and girls’ rooms一些语法学家认为也可以接受,但是没有前者好。

193.Re: ==请问:音乐世家怎么翻译?==family of musicians

194.Re: ==因为这样或那样的原因,怎么说?==for one reason or another

195. Re: ==还有挂在嘴边怎么翻译??==

(1)...has become one’s pet phrase.

(2) tend to mention/refer to/speak of/talk one’s speech

(3) hold … in the tongue

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