TED十佳演讲之神童 青少年探索进行时 (04)


So I'm not saying, "Be like us", and "We're perfect role models", because we're not, but we just want to help represent girls in a way that shows those different dimensions.

所以我不是在说,“学我们的样子” 和“我们是完美的典范”,因为我们不是,我们只是想帮助展现女孩们多姿多彩的另一面。

I mean, we have articles called "On Taking Yourself Seriously: How to Not Care What People Think of You", but we also have articles like, oops-- I'm figuring it out!


Ha ha. If you use that, you can get away with anything. We also have articles called "How to Look Like You Weren't Just Crying in Less than Five Minutes".


So all of that being said, I still really appreciate those characters in movies and articles like that on our site,


that aren't just about being totally powerful, maybe finding your acceptance with yourself and self-esteem and your flaws and how you accept those.


So what I you to take away from my talk, the lesson of all of this, is to just be Stevie Nicks. Like, that's all you have to do.


Because my favorite thing about her, other than, like, everything, is that she is very -- has always been unapologetically present on stage,


and unapologetic about her flaws and about reconciling all of her contradictory feelings and she makes you listen to them and think about them, and yeah, so please be Stevie Nicks. Thank you.


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