BBC纪录片 动物王朝(BBC Dynasties 2of5 Emperor)第02集 皇帝企鹅 第01期


动物王朝 第二集

南极洲 阿特卡湾的秋天 Autumn in Atka Bay, Antarctica.

几周前 这里还是一片海阔天空 Just a few weeks ago, this was open sea.

如今 正在形成冰封雪盖的新景象 Now, a new frozen landscape is forming.

毫无生机的新世界出现了 This new world appears devoid of life.

也并不是全无生机 Well, almost.

一只皇帝企鹅 An emperor penguin.

它并非孑然一身 And he is not alone.

数千只帝企鹅正向这处冰冻的海湾汇集 Thousands of emperors are coming to this frozen bay.

新结成的冰层 They are here because the new ice

为它们提供了最安全的繁殖地 provides the safest place for them to breed.

冰层会保持冰封九个月 The ice will last nine months,

直到夏季来临时融化 before melting away next summer.

它们将利用这九个月中的每一天 And they will need every day of those nine months

来抚育伟大帝企鹅王朝的后代 to raise the next generation of this great emperor dynasty.

但要做到这一点 But to do so,

它们必须熬过即将来临的冬季 they will have to survive the coming winter.

地球上最冷 最残酷的 The coldest and the cruellest

冬季 on earth.


帝企鹅每年都会重新择偶 Emperors pair up anew every year...

尽管冬季即将来临 And although winter is fast approaching,

寻找完美伴侣的过程 the process of finding the perfect partner

却不能操之过急 cannot be hurried.

新结成的企鹅夫妻会进行优雅的仪式 New couples perform a graceful ritual

来巩固对彼此的承诺 that will cement their commitment to each other.

保持动作同步 Moving together in synchrony

是建立有力情感纽带的关键 is the key to creating a powerful bond.

这必须成为自然界中最牢固的纽带之一 And this bond needs to be one of the strongest in nature...

因为这里每个家庭的存亡 Because the survival of every family here,

以及整个王朝的延续 and therefore the survival of this dynasty,

都取决于这一纽带 depends upon it.

企鹅的身体构造使其能完美应对很多事 A penguin is beautifully designed for many things...

但交配却不是其中之一 But mating is not one of them.

遗憾的是 不是所有企鹅 Unfortunately, not all the penguins

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