BBC纪录片 动物王朝(BBC Dynasties 2of5 Emperor)第02集 皇帝企鹅 第02期


都能找到完美的伴侣 have been able to find the perfect partner.

随着时光飞逝 And, with time fast running out,

这只雌性企鹅不再遵守礼仪 this female forgoes the formalities.

但这对企鹅已经形成坚固的纽带 But this couple has already bonded too tightly

第三者无法将它们拆散 to be split apart by an interloper.

找不到伴侣的企鹅 Penguins unlucky in love

会折回大海觅食 度过这个冬季 head back to spend the winter feeding at sea,

因为冰层上没有食物 because there's no food out here on the ice.

企鹅蛋发育期间 The couples now face weeks of waiting

企鹅夫妻们必须等待数周 while their eggs develop.

但这对企鹅似乎进度超前 But one pair appears to have got ahead of schedule.

企鹅腹部凸起一块 A bulge on a penguin's belly

一般是父母一方把蛋放在脚上保暖的迹象 is normally the sign of a parent keeping an egg warm on its feet.

但它看起来像在 But she seems to be trying to keep

给一个雪球保暖 a snowball warm.

看来它们在为照顾真的企鹅蛋做练习 They appear to be getting in some practice for the real thing.

白昼越来越短 也越来越冷 The days are becoming shorter and colder...

终于 Until finally,

太阳最后一次落下 两个月的极夜开始 the sun sets for the last time for two months.

春季来临前太阳都不会升起 It won't rise again until the spring.

在南极洲的月光下 Now, they live in a twilight world,

它们生活在暮色之中 under the bright Antarctic moon.

对于这对企鹅 漫长的等待即将结束 For this couple, the long wait for their egg is almost over.

企鹅妈妈感觉到了 The female senses it.

它的宫缩开始了 Her contractions have begun.

下一代帝企鹅即将诞生 The next generation of emperors is on its way.

育成一枚企鹅蛋需要大量的能量 Producing an egg takes a huge amount of energy,

企鹅妈妈们要消耗四分之一的体重 such that the females lose a quarter of their body weight.

它已经一个多月没有进食 She hasn't eaten for over a month

需要回到大海中去觅食 and needs to return to the ocean to feed.

它不能带着宝贝企鹅蛋一起去 She can't take her precious egg with her,

必须将它交给伴侣来照顾 so she must pass it to her partner to care for.

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