BBC纪录片 动物王朝(BBC Dynasties 2of5 Emperor)第02集 皇帝企鹅 第03期


企鹅爸爸有一个贴近皮肤的特殊育儿袋 He has a special brood pouch to keep it warm,

来为企鹅蛋保暖 close to his skin.

如果它不能迅速让蛋离开冰面 If he doesn't get the egg off the ice quickly,

蛋就会冻住 it will freeze.

现在它可以离开了 Now, she is free to go.

但它看起来有些不舍 But she does seem rather reluctant to leave.

现在它将在漫长的严冬中 He will now have sole responsibility for their egg

独自照顾它们的蛋 all through the long, harsh winter.

在蛋孵化前 He won't see his partner again

它的伴侣不会回来 until the egg has hatched.

接下来几天 群落中所有的企鹅妈妈 Over the next few days, every female in the colony

都按原路疾行二十四千米 hurries away on the same 15-mile march

到达海边 to the sea.

寒风从大陆中心吹来 A freezing wind blowing in from the heart of the continent

气温急剧下降 drives the temperature down.

为了给自己和企鹅蛋保暖 To keep themselves and their eggs warm,

企鹅爸爸们展现出自然界中 the males now perform one of the most spectacular

最壮观的合作场面之一 demonstrations of cooperation in nature.

一只接一只 One by one,

它们紧紧地挤成一团 they lock themselves into a huddle...

四千多只企鹅爸爸 Creating a giant incubator

组成一个巨大的孵化器 made up of over 4,000 male penguins.

每一只都不断尝试挤进最佳位置 Each individual constantly tries to push into the best possible position

为自己和企鹅蛋保暖 to keep himself and his egg warm.

于是 As a result,

整群企鹅一直保持动态 the entire huddle is forever on the move.

风暴级强风 Storm force winds

使温度下降到零下六十摄氏度 now drive the temperature down to -60 Celsius.

对外层承受寒风的 For the emperors on the outside,

帝企鹅来说 facing the wind,

气候条件变得难以忍受 the conditions become unbearable.

它们别无选择 只能脱离群体 They have no choice but to break off

尝试绕到有掩蔽的一侧去 and try to get round to the sheltered side.

它必须站起来 He must get back on his feet,

但不能让企鹅蛋滑出来 but without letting go of his egg.

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