BBC地平线 你的大脑是男是女(Is your Brain Male or Female) 第19期


结果产前睾酮含量更高的孩子 that the children with higher levels of pre-natal testosterone

能更快在全图中找到隐藏的形状 are faster to find the target shape hidden within the overall design.

我认为这很有趣 I thought that was absolutely fascinating.

西蒙的研究清楚地表明 在出生前 Simon's research clearly suggests that from the earliest age,

激素就对行为塑造有影响 hormones help to shape our behaviour.

但是这里到底发生了什么 But what's going on up here?

有证据能表明男女性的大脑结构有所不同吗 Is there any real evidence that men and women are wired differently?

人们普遍认为差异是存在的 It's certainly a commonly held belief.

我只是认为男女性生来就是不同的 I just think men and women were created to be different.

我们扮演着不同的人生角色 We have different roles in life

我认为这就是我们的大脑结构差异的原因 and I think that's why our brains are wired differently.

男性的注意力很集中 而且很果断 Men are very focused and, you know, they, they are very decisive.

男性肯定是更好的决策者 Men are definitely better decision-makers.

我认为女性更容易在两个选项中犹豫不决 I think women can sometimes flip between different options more.

以我妻子为例 她基本上是说一说 Using my wife as an example, it's a bit more sort of talking,

做计划 讨论计划 继续计划再计划 planning, talking about it, planning, planning some more.

男性擅长一次只做一件事 Men are good at one thing at a time.

我认为女性更擅长同时做几件事情 I think girls are better at multi-tasking.

而女性得要在做一件事的同时 Whereas women have to do the one thing

做这件事有关的其他事情 and do everything else around it.

她在多任务处理上比我强 这倒是真的 She is better at multi-tasking than I am. That is true.

我不是说男性做不到多任务处理 I'm not saying that men can't multi-task

而是说这是女性生来就能够做到的事情 but I think it's something that women are naturally able to do.

我觉得自己很擅长多任务处理 I consider myself good at multi-tasking

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