BBC地平线 你的大脑是男是女(Is your Brain Male or Female) 第20期


因为我既是鼓手又是领唱 because I am a drummer and lead singer,

所以我比较擅长同时做不同的事情 so I'm good at doing different things at the same time, so...

固有观念的确是根深蒂固 而且似乎 The stereotypes are certainly strong and it often seems like

我们的大脑结构从出生开始就必须不同 our brains must be wired differently from birth,

但是真正的证据有哪些 but what's the real evidence?

在费城的一个研究团队将 Well, a team of scientists in Philadelphia has matched

男女性脑内的微观连接进行了对比 the microscopic connections within male and female brains

而他们的研究成果是令人惊叹的 and what they've found is astonishing.

我被性别差异深深地吸引着 I am fascinated by gender differences

因为在日常生活中我每天都可以感受到 because I see gender differences in my day-to-day life, you know.

我的男性朋友和我的女性朋友完全不同 My guy friends are completely different from my girl friends.

所以我的主旨就是想要找出 So the idea was to try and find out

宾夕法尼亚大学 拉吉妮·维尔玛博士

到底男女性之间 whether there is a difference overall between men and women

大脑各区域之间交流方式是否有差异 in how each part of the brain talks to another part of the brain.

好的 我们再做一次相同的扫描 Right, I want to do pretty much the same scan again.

维尔玛博士和她的同事们扫描了 Dr Verma and her colleagues scanned the brains

900多名8至22岁的男女性的大脑 of over 900 males and females from the ages of eight to 22.

这一侧可见较多颗粒 It's more granular on this side than on that side.

他们使用了一种成熟的脑成像技术 They used an established brain imaging technique to create

生成了大脑两半球间联系的详细图像 a detailed map of the connections between the two hemispheres of the brain,

他们认为两个脑半球有着不同功能 hemispheres which they believe have quite different functions.

大脑中左半球负责说话 The left hemisphere is the part of the brain that talks,

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