BBC地平线 瘦子为什么长不胖(Why Are Thin People Not Fat) 第10期


根据使用者的年龄 And by using the patient's age,

性别和体重 gender, as well as weight,

我们可以得出 we can actually calculate

其体内有多少是脂肪 多少是肌肉 how much of his body is fat and how much of his body is muscle.

你的体脂率为7.6% OK, so your percentage body fat is 7.6.

所以你属于极瘦这一类 Which puts you in the ultra-lean category for men, OK?

根据Bodpod的测量结果 According to the Bodpod,

医院行政管理人员里奥·丹尼特 hospital administrator Leo Dennett

他的体脂率在所有志愿者中是最低的 has the lowest percentage body fat of all the participants.

医学生凯瑟琳·汉农 And medical students Catherine Hannon

和维多利亚·帕格纳最高 and Victoria Pagner have the most.

她们的体脂率都超过了20% In both their cases, fat makes up at least 20% of their body.

从今天对志愿者的检查结果来看 What we saw today in the volunteers

男性的脂肪比例是女性的一半 is that the men had half the amount of fat than the women,

对于绝大部分人来说 也是如此 and that is what we would expect in the general population.

为了达到实验目的 For the purposes of the experiment,

每名志愿者的日常卡路里需求 each volunteer's normal daily calorie requirement

已根据其生理数据 has been calculated taking into account

计算出了结果 their physiological statistics.

接下来的四周时间 These individual figures have then been doubled

他们每天需要摄入的卡路里 to work out how much each of them will be eating

是这个数字的两倍 over the next four weeks.

他们也被禁止从事一切 They're also banned from doing any physical exercise

可能干扰实验结果的运动 that could skew the results.

他们将佩戴计步器 They're also going to carry pedometers

好让我们记录他们每天走了多少步 so that we can keep track of the amount of steps that they make,

而且我们要求他们一天不允许超过五千步 and we ask them not to walk more than 5,000 steps a day,

也就是三公里左右 which roughly corresponds to something like two miles.

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