Voa英语网商贸口语 第16课:Business Proposal 商业提议2011-10-22
I understand. For now, though, you could just give us an estimated price.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第15课:Exporting Products To The U.S出口产品到美国2011-10-22
Yes, the recent agreements between the two governments have changed everything. Now we have the right to sell in America at a much lower tariff.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第13课:Interpersonal Communications互相沟通2011-10-21
Rude? You weren't rude at all, Annie. Why do you think you were rude?
Voa英语网商贸口语 第14课:Making Suggestions To The Boss向老板建议2011-10-21
I'm glad when people have new ideas around here. Tell me about it.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第12课:Departmental Meeting部门会议2011-10-19
For newspaper ads, we will have to work with a different advertising agency.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第11课:Reporting To Headquarters向上级汇报2011-10-19
Mud? But Ivan told me there were no mudslides in that district.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第10课:Preparing A Presentation准备汇报2011-10-15
I need you to help me set up for my presentation Thursday morning.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第9课:Welcome Party2011-10-15
You shouldn't trust this guy, you know. He likes to see people get drunk.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第8课:Signing A Contract签订合约2011-10-12
But according to the contract, employees get a discount in the restaurant.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第7课:Customer Service柜台服务2011-10-12
I suppose I don't want that one then. I don't like auto-reverse. It breaks too easily.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第6课:Negotiating A Deal商谈交易2011-10-11
I understand we will need seven air conditioning units on the two floors.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第5课:Attending A Trade Show参加展销会2011-10-11
So he will have to spend the whole show standing next to his old Comtex coworkers.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第4课:Transferring To The Overseas' Office调往海外2011-10-10
She would be thrilled if I got a transfer. She always talks about traveling more.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第3课:Making An Appointment约见2011-10-10
He's here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. What day did you want to see him?
Voa英语网商贸口语 第2课:Job Interview求职面试2011-10-09
I can see by your resume here that you studied business administration.
Voa英语网商贸口语 第1课:寄送履历表之后Sending A Resume2011-10-09
I see. Well, thank you very much for helping me. You have been very helpful.